The Simple Back Pain Fix


Go for a walkThe following is the simplest activity you can do that will help with your back pain. Although the title says «Back Pain Fix», in fact it will not «fix» your back pain; it will however make it easier.

To actually fix or cure your back pain completely and permanently you need to address the 4 main causes of your back pain:


  • tight and weak muscles
  • joint disruption
  • pelvic imbalance

Correct these and your back pain will disappear totally and forever!

The best activity though to help ease your back pain is to walk – but walk with a difference…

I’m sure you know, if not then it is true, that your joints move when you breathe and also when you walk. Going for a walk therefore helps to get your joints moving and helps to ease muscle tension as well.

When you walk though, you should relax. Remove all the mental pressures of life. If you have an iPod, mp3 player etc, then use it. Place some songs on it that inspire, relax and motivate you. Then listen to it while you walk.

Doing this will increase the benefits of walking from a back pain perspective along with an anti-stress benefit.

Very simple to do and everyone can walk – if your back pain is severe, then only walk as much as you can without making it worse.

Go walking every day, for at least 10-15 minutes, somewhere as pleasant as possible, while listening to music that increases your energy levels. Your back pain will ease quickly, stress levels reduce and you feel better.

Stress and energy are linked to back pain as much as muscle tightness is. Removing stress will help remove muscle tension. Walking is therefore one of the best activities to do when you have back pain.

So get out here now …

Go for a walk and ease your back pain.