New Relief for Back Pain

Doctors may soon have another way to help people relieve chronic back pain without the side effects of many traditional pain killers.

Original new back pain medicationA medication that’s been used in Europe since 2006 is now part of national clinical trials in the United States.

Despite surgery and multiple treatments Roy Bradley lives with chronic lower back pain. He’s also tried multiple medications, which lead to taking multiple pills each day, and multiple frustrating side effects.

But lately, he said it’s been a little easier. He’s part of a clinical trail where researchers are testing a medication which can be taken once a day, and which might help ease some after effects.

Dr. Greg Gottschlich, one of the lead researchers in this national trial, said the once-a-day pill is a powerful morphine-like drug in a sustained release formula that enters the body slowly a little at a time.

He said, «We can see a steady state of level medication, rather than a big high, followed by a drop; we don’t have as many side effects».

The reports so far on this new delivery system are pretty promising:

Gottschlich said the team is seeing, «Better control of pain, better quality of life, better sleep, better functioning in patients.»

Bradley said he’s noticed many of these positive effects too even though he’s not sure he’s getting the drug with the new delivery system. 
Early results of this trial should come some time next year.

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