How-To: Back Pain Remedies Treatment At Home

Back-pain-massageFinding solutions to your Back Pain Remedies and stress in the back can seem like an impossible task for some, but it really doesn’t need to be. There are some simple and easy back pain treatment ideas you can try right at home that can really help to alleviate if not completely eliminate your back pain. Let’s take a look at some of these back pain treatment ideas and see if they won’t work for you.


First, try to lie on your back on a flat but soft surface such as your couch or mattress and put a pillow under your knees. Some people mistakenly put the pillow under their feet or ankles as a back pain treatment but this usually just puts more pressure on the lower back and hip areas. When you put support under your knees you’re keeping this curved part of your body supported and transferring some weight to the supportive pillows, taking pressure off your back. If you stay still like this for some time you might notice that it’s an effective back pain treatment for most minor backaches. Far too often we have too much weight and pressure on the lower back and staying in this position with support under the knees can help tremendously.

Another idea for Back Pain Remedies, and this one you’ll never hear from your doctor, is to try rolling your back on a basketball! The firmness of a basketball can work like a good massage, opening up and loosening up cramped and stiff muscles. This can also help to encourage more blood flow in the small of the back, which too is part of any back pain treatment program. Blood and oxygen are both healing agents and can encourage the back muscles to heal themselves. While you may not have ever heard of a basketball as part of any back pain treatment, it can really help! Of course you don’t want to push too hard on the ball into your back but just a firm movement on a flat surface can open up those muscles.

Never underestimate the power of heat when it comes to Back Health. This might include a good heating pad when you’re reclining on the sofa or even when you’re at your desk in the office every day. Cold weather makes muscles cramp up, so even just keeping a warm air vaporizer in your bedroom during winter months may help to alleviate some pain in the lower back and help you sleep better as well. A hot shower or hot bath can also help, especially if you take your time to really soak those cramped and aching muscles.

None of these back pain treatment options we’ve outlined are difficult, but it’s surprising how often people ignore them, thinking that only a doctor or some harsh medication can provide permanent relief for them. But if you try these, and especially if you do so on a regular basis, you might find some relief!



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