Back pain? Then take a load off

Standing with bagYou haul 16 tons, and what do you get?

If your answer is “back pain,” the BackTpack is here to help.

The weight in a regular backpack is all behind you, causing you to hunch over to compensate. In the long run, of course, that’s bad news.

The BackTpack ($65,, designed by a physical therapist, aims the weight of your cargo straight down your spine, so you carry it more naturally.

Bound to your body by shoulder, sternum and hip straps, the 13-inch-by-13-inch nylon side bags have pockets just about everywhere, inside and out, including an iPod pouch with a headphone hole. Available in a variety of loud colors, the BackTpack is definitely designed more for comfort than style. And comfortable it is. Compared with a regular backpack, a loaded BackTpack is practically effortless to carry, whether walking or on a bicycle, and it promotes better posture instantly. The bags hang at the hips, where you can forget about them until you need something.

The downside? You’ll have to take it off to drive a car or sit in a chair with arms.



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