Back Pain Hits Record High


Back painDON’T pick up a duster this weekend. More Brits than ever are suffering with back problems and most of us believe housework and cleaning really are a pain, a new survey reveals.

A massive 52 per cent of the population now gets back pain – up five per cent in just a year – a poll for the British Chiropractic Association has found.

Spring cleaning and housework are the most common perils, with 47 per cent of sufferers saying they have caused problems.

Driving is the main trigger for 31 per cent of sufferers and 23 per cent said it makes travelling difficult.

Tim Hutchful from The British Chiropractic Association says: «Back pain in Britain is continuing to rise at an alarming rate and poor posture continues to be the main culprit.

«The study has highlighted what a detrimental effect back pain can have on people’s lives.

«The major thing it prevents people from doing is exercise – adding to our increasing sedentary lifestyles.

«But lack of sleep and driving shows the extent of how back pain really is affecting every aspect of our lives.»

Obesity and lack of physical fitness are also known to contribute to back problems, and may be a factor in the rising number of sufferers.

Many problems can also be avoided by taking care when lifting heavy weights. Experts advise keeping the back straight and bending from the knees.